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  • Alerts include enquiries done on you, as well as listings against you (such as a judgment or default)
  • Alerts may show possible irregular use of your information, which can indicate that your personal information is being used fraudulently to access credit.
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Buying or selling your car?

Just want a snapshot of your credit?

Find out the trade and retail value of the car.

Get a once-off view of your current credit report PLUS your score!

Car Value Report Credit Report & Score

Per the National Credit Act, you are entitled to one free credit report annually. Get it here.

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What is a Credit Report?

South Africa has around 19-million credit active consumers – individuals who make purchases using credit that is available from a wide range of credit providers. These range from credit cards, personal, car and home loans, to retail store accounts and hire purchase contracts.

Every credit active consumer has a credit report which is compiled by credit bureaus like TransUnion from information provided to them on a regular basis from credit providers. Typically, credit providers report data to the credit bureaus approximately every 30 days.

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